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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

I Took a Chance on Myself, and it Paid Off.


In Early 2021, I was having a serious debate with myself about entering an International juried art exhibition with Art2Life founded by Nicholas Wilton. I had just completed my second year of the art2Life artist mentoring program, and I was feeling hesitant about going up against what would be likely thousands of entries. I considered not entering the competition because it had certainly been a long while since I had done any juried shows. In fact, I had been creating a lot of art but in an isolated way for quite some time. Joining the Art2Life community had likely reminded me how important it is to feel connected to other artists. In 2020, it was a total surprise to me that our three-month group ended up being right in the middle of a covid quarantine. I am sure I am not the only one who felt like that three-month program with live zoom classes was like an unexpected life raft.  Not only full of artistic learning and growth, but also a wonderful place for human connection and support. I had let my other memberships lapse from the artist groups I belonged to in Ottawa, and I had not entered a juried show in over ten years. Feeling that I had done the best that I could do right in that very moment. I decided to take a chance and enter the 2021, Art2 Life juried international show. My leap of faith paid off. To my surprise a couple of months later I was contacted by Artist Nicholas Wilton’s team with the good news. I had won Third Place honorable mention. There were six winners in total and the jurors had to choose from out of 4500 paintings. I was completely thrilled to be chosen among such talented artists. As an artist it is easy to get caught up in the critique phase of creating art, because part of what makes a good artist is always striving for the next best painting. I have since learned that there is also a right here and now to be so grateful and proud of. I now regularly enter juried shows when they come my way. It is now a priority for me to stay connected with other artists and consider new opportunities.

The winning painting, Tranquility 6, 30"x15" inches diptych, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Friday, February 5, 2021

A Review of Nicolas Wilton's Creative Visionary Program 2020. Are you thinking of joining for 2021?


Last year I took a leap of faith and I signed up for Art to Life 2020 Creative Visionary Program, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my art career. The program had so much more content than I ever thought possible and much of it was live content. It was truly a relief as it was amazing to have people to connect to during the isolation of covid -19. The program was very clearly laid out with specific objectives. Not only did I feel energized to create art. I was able to fully understand the principles of art that had been missing from my art education. If you are an artist at any point in your career, and you have the time and the means to be able to participate in this course, I absolutely recommend it. In fact, I am doing it again this year in 2021. I have never created more amazing art than I do now with everything that I have learned from Nicholas and his team of Artists, I hope to see you there this year.

My before and after was absolutely unreal. 

During CVP 2020 Last Year 


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Connecting with Art during covid-19

You might feel that your options for viewing original art has become extremely limited during covid-19. While some galleries and museums are slowly beginning to open-up their doors once again, most remain closed. At least more than one art gallery has chosen to do a virtual event or make online art viewing possible. The National Gallery of Victoria, in Australia, is wowing the world with a completely virtual exhibition called Crossing Lines. This well curated exhibition showcases Keith Haring and one of my absolute favourite artists, Jean-Michel Basquit. This show allows art lovers around the world to virtually tour more than 200 artworks that are on display at the gallery. There is a comprehensive audio guide to assist you through the show. It did take some time to figure out the navigation, a quick hint, tap the circles on the floor to move forward in the exhibit. As an art lover I fully appreciate that the National Gallery Of Victoria made this amazing show available to the world.